We at CORPORA STUDIO aim towards reducing the carbon footprint on the planet by redirecting the ways of our translation of a flat sketch into a garment. We ensure each and every order is stitched and finished with utmost care using ethical production methods and careful consumption of materials in our designs. It may have started as an experiment, but it left us with a realisation about the importance of achieving sustainability via innovative waste management techniques as a growing conscious fashion label.

Reproaching our waste material away from the overcrowded landfills, and back into our production process. Our production team ensures fabrics are consolidated and leftover scraps are up-cycled. The idea was to use the leftover fabric from our production stage and upcycle it into useful materials such as finishing binding tapes, buttons, belts, collars and cuffs that formed the basis of our ready to wear earth-friendly collection. We had to stand by it and decide to make it a practice, to rotate, reuse, repair and reduce. Repairing and reusing is a great alternative to ensure a long life and maximum utilisation of a piece of clothing.

With a disagreement to swim with the trend driven tide of season came the ability to reinterpret classic Silhouettes into modern essentials, lending a trans-seasonal energy to our creations; the garments allow easy flow from day to night. We also try to source our cotton fabrics from GOTS certified sellers. This certification is issued by an independent body.

Providing a clean and respectful working environment to our karigars and staff is just as important to us as the clothing we make. Our team of designers and tailors work in the same studio in an environment that allows dynamic exchange of ideas into the designs on paper to a new garment. Everything we do and create stems from the aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing and excess availability of mass produced fashion.

We maintain limited inventory, producing online orders and wholesale orders based on demand and keeping limited stock in our warehouse and for our retailers in India.