Diving into our memories, they're not all wonderful.. we face a lot of challenges and changes at every step. What makes it beautiful is the courage of keep going. Rewind is the collection very close to our heart as we recall all are achievements. Past pieces loved by our clients are the big-little discoveries of our label and an inspiration for our collection. Flashback of our previous seasons experiments and reincarnating them into new series. Working on classic silhouettes like skirt, blouse, shirt, trousers, tunics and drape has been our first theme always and experimentation with it, is Second. Pop of red : for all the love we share together, gave vibrancy to an otherwise neutral colour palette. Women love to wear more novelty and eccentric pieces, but this collection focus to provide more meaning and comfort along with it. Our clothes are intertwined with mixed techniques, like splash of prints, hand pleating, colour blocking, contrast bounding seams, textured fabric, dip dyed ombré dresses and our signature style frills in more versatile and fluid fabrics.

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