Corpora Studio is an independent online fashion label based in New Delhi, led by the designer Aanchal Arora. Running on the ideology to rewrite the fashion rules, making designer clothes not just more affordable but also more accessible to women in a range of different sizes, paying attention to environmental responsibility in the process.

CORPORA means "range of bodies".

Our founder believe in curating garments for a timeless woman. Working with simple, clean and functional clothing , we focus on creative patterns, breaking monotony, structured yet fluid proportions, and in highlighting minimalistic details to create modern and organic silhouettes with a unique sense, bridging the cultural gap between Indian and western.


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With a disagreement to swim with the trend driven tide of season, our ability to reinterpret classic Silhouettes into modern essentials, lending a trans-seasonal energy to our creations; the garments allow one to be confident with his/her choice.

We as a brand have always expressed our creativity not only through our garments but also by creating and presenting it in a Visual Story through our self styled Photoshoots. We believe in providing our customers with a complete look to ignite, evolve and expand their sense of style and personality.

At Corpora a good design usually comes to life by planning and cutting a 2d idea into a pattern, using high quality raw material, minimizing waste and following ethical design and production processes.

Born in October 2019, our team comprises of - our Founder, In house karigars,  our Pattern Master and a few beautiful ladies who know and continue their old family practices of traditional sewing and intricate handwork.

Although Corpora is an online brand, yet you can find us at some of the most well known couture stores of India namely Ensemble, Pernia’s Pop-Up Studio, Elahe, and many more across the country.